Surplus Group

Surplus Group is built from some of the best trusted businesses in the surplus sector, each with a long track record and proven environmental impacts.
We want a world without waste. Our strategy to achieve this is to tackle surplus head-on at every point in the supply chain. Whether food, drink, household consumables or other products, we offer a range of practical solutions which do not interfere with our partners’ day-to-day activities and assist in their ESG goals. 
Surplus Group has three district divisions, ensuring almost any surplus product can be successfully diverted from disposal, gaining the maximum financial and social value.

Why choose us?

What do we do?

Surplus Group is the trusted name to handle the distribution of stock seamlessly, efficiently and effectively through our distinct divisions.

We pride ourselves on our ability to protect the integrity of
any branded or own label product, offering sustainable and
value led solutions to our suppliers and customers.