Surplus Group

We buy surplus food but sometimes our suppliers want to donate some or all of it to those in need. For this reason, we have established a not-for-profit run with charitable objects.
Surplus for Good is an ambitious social enterprise which leverages the skills and capabilities of our wider business to maximise the social good that can be done with surplus food. 
With our outlets and connections to local and national charities, we ensure that donated food gets to the right people. Impacts are measured and shared with our partners.

More about us...

Surplus for Good aims to maximise the value in donated food, drink and other products. We have been donating food for years, helping charities such as kitchens for the homeless. Our social enterprise now formalises this activity. 

We get the food to where it is needed the most, either in bulk or as part of parcels for those most in need who are isolated.

And because most food is wasted in our homes, we are developing educational resources to tackle this issue too, helping people to properly understand food labels and to be able to cook healthy meals on a budget. 

What we do...

Because the products we sell have been rescued
from other forms of disposal, such as landfill, our customers are helping the environment.

We always maintain brand integrity with full traceability, along with repacking and de-identification processes where necessary.